Effective March 25, 2011: My new vanity Call Sign is KX0S. Former Call Sign was KC0GSB.

KX0S-- The Chaos Station


Welcome to my Honky Tonk, I mean Web Site! If you like music (especially older country) you've come to the right place. So put the headphones on and listen to some of the best country music ever made. The quality of the audio may surprise you. Also, if you knew me in the past, you may find a picture of yourself. I've tried to make the site interesting and enjoyable. I hope that maybe , in some small way, I've succeeded.
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Bless my soul!!
It's real Country Music!!


Radio Desk, Feb 2010.
Radio Desk 2014, at new house.

    My name is Greg Smith, call sign KX0S. It seems that today every Amateur Radio operator has a web site, so here's mine. This site is about my hobbies, Amateur Radio and Hi-Fi,  my life, my family, and my army days. I suppose one needs a certain amount of narcissism to do this, but I did (do)  enjoy creating this site.  
    I live near Omaha, Nebraska.  I am an instructor at a Community College where I teach computer repair and networking. I have an AAS in electronics technology, a BS in information systems management, and a certification in micro-computers.  I am an avid football fan, so Roll Tide and go Huskers. Lately I've been into collecting Ham radio microphones, and have started a modest collection. My Hi-fi system is a work in progress and has almost become an addiction. I just wish I had more money to spend on it. Oh well, the fun is in getting there. Since I love music, there is some provided on every page. Listen if you want. I've tried to make the fidelity good, so it will sound much better on good headphones than small inexpensive speakers. If you use those, or quality computer speakers(Good Luck!), you may be surprised at the sound you get. Also, using a good sound-card will male all the difference, as a high quality DAC is essential to better sound from a computer.
     I didn't get my Ham ticket until 99', but I went to Advanced in two months. I got my Extra when the code went to 5wpm a few months later. Good thing ,because I don't think I would have ever mastered 20wpm. 13wpm was hard enough for me.  But, I've got my Extra ticket and I'm having a great time with it.

AT headphones and tube amp. This works best.
New Headphone Amp
Musical Fidelity V90-HPA, Sep. 2015

   My Ham station consists of a Yaesu FT-920 and Heil PR-40 mic, with a 2.8khz Inrad filter. A Heathkit SB-221 amp, Ameritron AL-811 amp, Dentron MT-2000A tuner, and a Yaesu Ft-7800, to name the major items. I picked up some Dentron peak reading watt/swr meters from Ebay that work really well for HF and VHF. I also use some Behringer audio components and sometimes the W2IHY equalizer. My antennas are an inverted V for 20 & a sloping Vee-Beam for 40. A Comet GP-15 covers VHF. I use a Cushcraft AR-10 for 10 meters. I have limited space and lots of trees so the wires are my best solution for now. I recently added a Kenwood TS-520 to my Ham desk. I can use it for voice with the SB-221 and use the FT-920 and 811 for the digital modes. This helps to simplify some things for me.
   I was born in Montgomery, Alabama in 1953. I grew up in Columbus, GA. I attended Kendrick High School from 1967 - 1971, and was a member of the ROTC Drill Team. I enlisted in the U.S. Army in December of 1971 and retired from the Army in 1993. I am a graduate of Metropolitan Community College and Bellevue University. In 1995 I began working for Metro as a network technician and network administrator. I was later hired as full-time faculty in the Electronics Technology area. I have been married for 30 years and have two children, ages 29 and 21. We own two cats and a dog that drive me crazy. Someday, I hope to retire the final time and move back to the South (Nebraska's weather and taxes are really bad).
   I was bitten by the Hi-Fi bug while stationed in Okinawa in 72-73. Being able to buy equipment at reduced prices overseas, I've owned many different systems. My current system is pretty modest, but it sounds good. The main components are: A Prima Luna Prologue 5 amplifier with KT--88's. A Parasound Halo P5 preamp, Marantz SA-8100 SACD, Audioquest Dragonfly Red,  and Monitor Audio Silver 8 speakers. The interconnects are Audioquest Columbia (RCA) . Not exactly real high end stuff, but musically it runs rings around my 7.1 home theater system. The speaker cables are Audioquest Gibraltar. I have a Musical Fidelity V-90 headphone amp that sounds fine to me.  The laptop plays thru the Dragonfly Red. and is is an AMD quad core 2.4 with 12 GB DDR3 1600. The program is Foobar 2000    I believe my best sound is through the Marantz by a slight margin .   
   I recently purchased the Audioquest Niagra 1000 power conditioner / noise suppressor. I will say that this piece of equipment is a major upgrade to my sound system. It's hard to describe its effect. The music seems more released from the background, like a veil was removed. Everything has more sense of clarity, more of a live sound feeling. I've only experienced this maybe twice before from other equipment. The DBX 3BX back in my solid state / phonograph days, and the switch to a tube amplifier.

"Real" Country Music starts here:


Legendary Turner +3 Microphone
Caught in the act! Without a license. This is Lil' Guy.

    As my microphone collection began to grow, my wife heard me installing shelves to display them on. Trying to be clever, she asked me how many microphones could I talk into at one time on a single radio. Trying to be more clever, I replied by asking her how many shoes could she wear at one time on two feet. She then explained to me that certain shoes went with certain outfits or were needed depending on the occasion. I told her the same was true for microphones, they also have different characteristics to match each requirement. Her answer was that I was full of BS and that I was just wasting money. Having learned long ago the secret to marital bliss, I agreed that she was right. She was satisfied at having made her point and won the debate,.... and I still collect microphones.

Some of the microphones.
Not shown are condensers from Nady, Marshall, and dynamics from EV, AKG, Behringer etc.

The Nady RSM-2 ribbon mic. Smooth warm sound.


811 amp and PS. A little crowded here.

Greg Smith, KX0S. Welcome to the site.

2009 National Champions

2011 National Champions! ROLL TIDE!

Watch: The Crimson Tide!

2012 National Champions



Note: Some pages are password protected. These are pictures of my immediate family and my extended family in Alabama and Georgia. There are also pictures
of several special people that I've known. I am sorry, but I cannot honor some of the requests for access to these pages. Due to the software,I cannot
selectively allow access to one protected page but not another. Because of the very personal nature of the "journey" page, and the need to assure the privacy of those
pictured on it, and the "family" pages, I will only allow access to those whose pictures are on these pages. In other words; You gotta be family or someone that was
very close to me once.
Update: Mar. 25, 09'. I've added a Blog page. We'll see how that works out.


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