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08/30/14              vs. West Virginia        Atlanta, Georgia

09/06/14              vs. Florida Atlantic    Tuscaloosa, Ala.        

 09/13/14              vs. Southern Miss       Tuscaloosa, Ala.    

09/20/14              vs. Florida         Tuscaloosa, Ala.   

10/04/14              at Ole Miss       Oxford, Mississippi

10/11/14              at Arkansas      Fayetteville, Arkansas

10/18/14              vs. Texas A&M      Tuscaloosa, Ala.   

10/25/14              at Tennessee    Knoxville, Tenn.      

11/08/14              at LSU                Baton Rouge, Louisiana   

 11/15/14              vs. Mississippi State     Tuscaloosa, Ala.  

11/22/14              vs. Western Carolina      Tuscaloosa, Ala.  

11/29/14              vs. Auburn       Tuscaloosa, Ala.


It's time to ROLL TIDE ROLL!

Another season is about to begin. What will this version of the Tide be? To me, the big questions are QB, offensive line, and defence. Only time will tell.  Alabama is #2 in the preseason rankings, but that doesn't mean anything.

Alabama 33           West Virginia 23      1 - 0      0 - 0     Rank #2

     This games leaves a lot of questions unanswered. The offense showed a good running attack. while the passing was mostly good. The QB situation is not as solid as we're used to,  but it wasn't bad. The defense got better as the game progressed, with players not leaving their assigned area and thus getting out of position. The defensive secondary (a problem last year) needs more work. Too many Mountaineer receivers were left wide open, and if they had not dropped so many balls, things may have gone against the Tide. The left CB was badly beaten several times. The Tide was never really challenged on the lines, and the better atheletes were wearing crimson. The next opponent, Florida Atlantic, was drubbed by the Huskers yesterday. I expect about the same next week. It is uncertain just how good this version of the Tide will be. Winning 10 games this year appears to be a real challenge based of what I've seen so far of Alabama's play, and that of their future opponents (A&M, LSU). Roll Tide!

T.J. going in.

Alabama 41      Florida Atlantic 0         2 - 0       0 - 0     Rank #3

    The game was called halfway through the 4th due to the weather. We got to see the other QB and he did OK. I hope they decide on the starting QB soon, and I'm thinking it will be Sims. This game told nothing about the Tide as the opponent was very weak. Southern Mississippi at home next Saturday. I finally took the time to read and understand how the new college football playoff system works. I don't know, but it may create more problems than it solves. Time will tell. I'm almost certain the bracket size will grow to eight teams in a few years. Only in college football does crazy stuff like this exist. Roll Tide!


Alabama  52      S. Mississippi  12       3 - 0      0 - 0        Rank #3

Another game that went as expected and doesn't mean anything. I thought the QB play looked more solid in this game. The SEC season starts next Saturday when Florida comes to Tuscaloosa. The SEC west division looks very strong this year. It has five teams in the top 15 of the AP poll. The Tide will play all of them.

Cooper's TD

Alabama  42       Florida  21       4 - 0     1 - 0      Rank # 3

It was a good effort overall. Except for the 1st half turnovers, the Gators don't score. Florida is not a good team yet. The QB looked much better than just three weeks ago. I think the team has come together and it looks like they will be pretty good.  They now get a week off. The next game, Oct 4th, will be a big test. The Tide will travel to Oxford and face the # 10 ranked Ole Miss Rebels. The Rebels will have a big bulls eye on Bama. They were very upset at losing in Tuscaloosa last year. It would make their season to get the upset. The Tide will need to play their best. The rest of the SEC season is going to be very tough. As I see it, playing Ole Miss #10, Texas A&M #6, LSU #17, Miss. St. #14, and Auburn #5 is as tough as it can get. To get 10 wins this year will be a big success. But, first things first. We need to beat Ole Miss. Roll Tide!

QB Sims

Alabama  17       Mississippi  23       4 - 1       1 -1      Rank #7

That was painful. I thought the Tide was in control of the game in the 3rd quarter. The two missed field goals and the fumbled kick off return did them in. Mississippi out played Alabama in the 4th. I had no illisions of how hard it was going to be to win in Oxford. Next Saturday will be tough too. A road trip to Arkansas. Our cousins down on the plains looked mighty good against LSU. Mississippi State also looked very good in their win against A & M. Can the Tide remain unbeated until the Auburn game? I don't know. The secondary is a problem, and so is the passing game. I hope Drake recovers soon from his injury. Now, it's time to BBQ some hogs. Roll Tide!

Int in the End Zone. Game over.

Alabama 14     Arkansas 13       5 - 1      2 - 1      Rank 7

They did not play well. Arkansas played worse. The Tide offense struggled all day. The defense came up big at times, but the Razorback fumble at the goal line is the reason 'Bama won. This team needs to improve a lot, and quickly. Texas A & M is visiting Saturday. The Aggie run defense is poor, but so is the Tide's pass defense. They like to pass, 'Bama likes to run. We will see which one does better. Roll Tide!

Not many plays worked like this one did.

Alabama  59      Texas A & M  0       6 - 1     3 - 1      Rank # 4

I don't know if 'Bama suddenly got really  good, or is A & M that bad?  I think the latter. That was the worst FBS defense I've seen all year. Even when the Tide didn't execute well they were rewarded. The long QB TD run was an example. Against most any other team that play is stopped for no gain. Anyway, it was good to see the Tide win so easily. Now comes the trip to Knoxville. Roll Tide!

It was too easy.

Alabama  34       Tennessee  20        7 - 1         4 - 1        Rank # 4 (AP)

The game was over by halftime. Cooper had a great night, setting a Tide record for yards receiving. The Vols tried to close the gap, but the 3rd quarter 'Bama TD drive killed any chance of that. There is a week off to heal and get ready for a very tough test. LSU at home has never been easy, and they are looking much better than earlier in the season. It is the first of three games against ranked opponents in November, but the only one on the road. To make the playoffs, the Tide will probably need to win all three. Two weeks from now it all starts. Roll Tide!

Record setting night.

The Selection Committee poll was released on October 28.

Alabama is ranked #6 in the poll.

Alabama  20          LSU  13 (OT)    8 - 1       5 - 1    Rank #5

Probably the most improbable win I've ever seen by the Tide. I was sure the game was lost after the fumble. How could an offense that had done nothing in the second half manage to score with 50 seconds left and no time outs?  They did it! Next week is Mississippi Sate, the number one team in the polls. Roll Tide!

The winning TD in OT.

Alabama  25        Mississippi State  20     9 - 1      6 - 1     Rank #1

The defence controlled the game and the offense did what they had to, especially the last TD drive. The Tide has won the second of the three big games this month. Next week should not be much of a challenge. Then, it's the Iron Bowl.

All night long.

Alabama  48     Western Carolina 14    10 - 1    6 - 1    Rank #1

Not much to say except I hope the injured players will recover soon. Now for THE GAME, The Iron Bowl. The memories of last year still are vivid to me. It's almost the same secnario. I hope for a different outcome this time. Roll Tide! 

Tide running was decisive.

Alabama  55       Auburn  44        11 - 1         7 - 1        Rank #1

This was a great win for the Crimson Tide. It helps erase the awful memory of last year. The defense bent a lot, but held when they had to. The offense really came alive in the 4th quarter to seal the victory. I believe the pick that set up a TD was a key play that turned the game in 'Bama's favor. I hate to say it, but whatever happens the rest of the season seems small in comparison to this. But, I know I'll be singing a different tune come next Saturday and the SEC Championson game. Alabama has now become the only team in SEC history to post 11 or more wins in four consecutive seasons. It's been a great year. Roll Tide!



OB Sims scoring a TD.

Alabama  42     Missouri 13      12 - 1       8 - 1       Rank #1

The Tide was the better team. They outplayed the Tigers in every phase of the game. The Crimson Tide has had a very good year. To me, the highlights were the comeback win at LSU, and the comeback against Auburn. Alabama has qualified for the first ever college playoff. I don't know how far they may advance, but win or lose, I'm already very happy with the results of this season. Next are the Buckeyes, a very good team. Roll Tide!


Alabama 35      Ohio State 42    12 - 2     8 - 1    Rank #4

A hard fought game. The Tide had a chance to win, but were unable to make the plays needed. The interceptions hurt, and so did the big plays they gave up. Congratulations to Ohio State for advancing in the playoff. While I don't like seeing Alabama lose a game, I am not as disappointed as I was last year. I consider this season to have a been a very successful one (They beat Auburn). Alabama won the SEC and qualified for the first ever college football playoff. They had a chance to win and advance, and certainly did not embarrass themselves. Now comes the long wait until next season. As always, ROLL TIDE!

A game of inches.