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Aug. 31Virginia TechAtlanta, Georgia
Sept. 14*at Texas A&MCollege Station, Texas
Sept. 28*Ole MissBryant-Denny Stadium
Oct. 5Georgia StateBryant-Denny Stadium
Oct. 12*at KentuckyLexington, Kentucky
Oct. 19*ArkansasBryant-Denny Stadium
Oct. 26*TennesseeBryant-Denny Stadium
Nov. 9*LSUBryant-Denny Stadium
Nov. 16*at Mississippi StateStarkville, Mississippi
Nov. 23ChattanoogaBryant-Denny Stadium
Nov. 30*at AuburnAuburn, Alabama

It all starts this coming Saturday. What will this version of the Tide be? I do not harbor any dreams of them winning the N. C. for a third time in a row. There is too much involved in even thinking about that right now. Virginia Tech is coming to the Georgia Dome and that's all that  counts. Tech wasn't very good last year, but they have a very good coach, so I expect them to play well. It's been a long wait since the Tide last took to the field. I am ready for some Alabama football.

It's Time To Roll Again!
Two TD kick returns and a TD catch.

Alabama  35      Virginia tech 10            1 - 0           0 - 0          Rank 1

I'm glad they got the win. The defense looked pretty good, and got some help from VT's run the same play every down offense. The 'Bama offense did not play well. The offensive line play was the worst in years. The Tide RB's were hit behind the line far too many times. However, three of the linemen are very inexperienced, so I expect things will improve as they play more. At least Jones had a spectacular day, thank goodness! Now, it's off to College Station, and Mr. Johnny Football in two weeks. Roll Tide!

Pick 6 for the Tide

Alabama  49        Texas A&M 42          2 - 0      1 - 0       Rank 1

The first big win of the season. The defense gave up a lot of points, but they stopped A&M enough for the offense to get moving. The offense was the difference in the game. I know the Heisman Trophy winner had a great game, but so did A.J. Their last TD was his call and it sealed the game. Next week should not be much of a contest.

Blocked punt for TD

Alabama  31            Colorado St.  6           3 - 0       1 - 0         Rank 1

The Tide offense did not play well. They were never in danger of losing, but it  seemed as though they were sleep walking. The defense, while not  looking like they have looked in recent years, is doing what it has to do. Next week is the undefeated Rebels. I have a feeling that it will be a lot closer than the 14 point spread, unless Alabama plays offense better. This team is very good, but they are showing some weaknesses, especially the lackluster running game. Special teams and defensive scores have picked up the slack so far. I wonder what will happen if they don't. 

Oh well, a win is a win. Roll Tide! 


Alabama  25        Mississippi 0             4 - 0        2 - 0             Rank 1

A very impressive defensive performance by the Tide. 'Ole Miss was out played all night. The offense looked somewhat better than last week, but there is still room for improvement. The Rebel QB probably should not have trash talked before the game. Next week is not worth thinking about. I just hope there are no injuries. Roll Tide!

Jones in for easy TD

Alabama  45        Georgia State  3        5 - 0       2 - 0       Rank 1

It was nice to see the back-up players in for a half. They played well once they got warmed up. The Tide will visit Kentucky next week. Roll Tide!


Alabama  48            Kentucky  7        6 - 0       3 - 0         Rank 1

     It was a slow start with turnovers and dropped passes. Then the Tide took control and it was over by half-time. They were never challenged by a much weaker team. Next week, the Razorbacks. Roll Tide!


Alabama  52         Arkansas  0        7 - 0        4 - 0        Rank 1

Arkansas never had a chance. The Tide offense was rolling and the defence posted another shutout. The Vols come to town next. They have played very well in their last two games. I'm a little worried about this one. Strange things have happened when these two play. RollTide!



Alabama  45          Tennessee  10     8 - 0        5 - 0        Rank 1

I thought that the Vols might give the Tide some trouble. Again, I under estimated this team. The game was essentially over by the half. They are beginning to play with almost machine like precision.  They will now get a two weeks break and then comes LSU. This is another of the Tide's "BIG" games this year. They will need to play their best. Roll Tide!


Alabama  38        LSU  17        9 - 0        6 - 0       Rank 1

It looked at first as if the Tide could be in trouble, but in the second half they dominated the game. LSU is a fine football team, but Alabama was too much for them. Next Saturday is a road trip to Starkville. What we don't need is a repeat of what happened in 1980. I hope they don't start looking past Mississippi State. I have a feeling they won't. ROLL TIDE!


Alabama  20    Mississippi State  7        10 - 0        7 - 0        Rank 1

The Tide did not play well. But, State could not take advantage of the mistakes. Four turnovers is a lot to overcome, but the defense stepped up and made the plays they needed to win. This was the worst game for the offense all year. I'm glad it came against State and not a stronger team. Next week is a write off. Two weeks from now is the Iron Bowl.


Alabama  49      UT Chattanooga  0      11 - 0       7 - 0        Rank 1

Nothing to say on this one. At least no major injuries. Next week determines everything. ROLL TIDE!



Alabama  28           Auburn  34         11 - 1        7 - 1        Rank 4

I thought the game was well in hand when it was 21 to 7.  But, the two unanswered scores by Auburn closed the gap. When the Tigers didn't make it on 4th and 1, I thought the Tide would win. I was confused by 'Bama electing to go for it on 4th down, instead of attempting a 29 yard FG. They later attemped a 44 yard FG. It they thought they couldn't make 29, why did they think they could get 44? On the final play, all the Alabama players were watching the FG attempt, and not getting into position for a possible run back. This made it easier for the Auburn runner to get down the field. Another classic Iron Bowl has been played. This time the Tigers came out on top. They played better and deserved the win. The Tide is 11-1 for the year, and should get a decent bowl game. Win or lose, it's always RollTide!


#3 Alabama Crimson Tide vs  #11 Oklahoma Sooners

Sugar Bowl Jan. 2, 2014


Alabama  31    Oklahoma  45    11 - 2      7 - 1       Rank  7

The Tide ended the season with a lackluster performance in the Sugar Bowl. They gave up more sacks and turnovers than I care to count. The Sooners just simply out played them. There was a point, in the middle of the 4th quarter, when they were in excellent position to tie the game. But, they did not execute well, and had to punt. Still, losing the last two games aside, it has been a good year. 11-2 is certainly a good record, and they went to a BCS bowl. Now comes another long wait before the 2014 season starts.  A big question is who will be the QB next year? Another is who will leave for the NFL? I guess we'll just have to wait for the answers. As always, ROLL TIDE!


No coach has ever won a game by what he knows; it's what his players know that counts.
Paul Bryant 

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