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Date        Opponent                 Home/Away      Site________________________
Sept. 1    Michigan                        Away          Arlington, Tex. (Cowboys Stadium)
Sept. 8    Western Kentucky         Home         Bryant-Denny Stadium
Sept. 15  Arkansas                        Away         TBD
Sept. 22  Florida Atlantic               Home        Bryant-Denny Stadium
Sept. 29  Mississippi                     Home        Bryant-Denny Stadium
Oct.  6     Open Date
Oct. 13    Missouri                          Away        Columbia, Mo.
Oct. 20   Tennessee                       Away        Knoxville, Tenn.
Oct. 27   Mississippi State            Home        Bryant-Denny Stadium
Nov. 3     LSU                                  Away        Baton Rouge, La.
Nov. 10  Texas A&M                      Home         Bryant-Denny Stadium
Nov. 17  Western Carolina            Home        Bryant-Denny Stadium
Nov. 24  Auburn                              Home        Bryant-Denny Stadium

April 27, 2012--Yesterday, the NFL selectrd four Tide players in the first round of the draft. I wish them the greatest success in their new career. Roll Tide!


September 1, 2012....IT STARTS TODAY!


Alabama 41  Michigan 14  1-0  0-0 Rank 2

Wow! What a way to start the season. Michigan never had a chance. The defense seems to have picked up where it left off. The offense showed some new wrinkles, as to be expected with a new coordinator. I liked it when Coach Saban had the kicker try (and make) the second long FG attempt. Negatives? Not many. They completed less than 50% of their passes, and there were way too many penalties. The latter may just have been first game jitters. All in all, it was an impressive performance against a team that will probably contend for their conference championship. The season has now started, and there is a long way to go. But there is no doubt that 'Bama is already playing well. Roll Tide!


September 4, 2012....The Tide is now ranked #1 in both voting polls.

Alabama 35     W. Kentucky 0      2-0     0-0    Rank 1

I did not see this game. I followed it on the Internet and read the reports. It seems that Coach Saban wanted to work on the passing game. Four of the five TD's were through the air. Unusual for the Tide. Not much more to say, except a win is a win. The Razorbacks are next Saturday. They just lost a game no one thought they would. They may be out for blood, and they are at home.  The SEC season begins now. Roll Tide!


Alabama  52        Arkansas  0        3 - 0     1 - 0     Rank 1

I didn't expect this lopsided score. Arkansas didn't have their All SEC QB, but they played really sloppy. Maybe it was the rain. The Tide looked a little sloppy too early in the game. However, they got things rolling and looked very good later. The defense pitched another shutout, and caused several turnovers. I was also inpressed with the opening drive of the 2nd half by the offense. The backups also played well at the end of the game. The last TD was run out of the spread read and fooled me completely. Next week Florida Atlantic comes to visit, but I don't expect a close game. A very impressive win today by Alabama. Roll Tide!


Alabama  40          Florida Atlantic  7          4 - 0       1 - 0      Rank 1

The shutout streak was broken. Next week is Mississippi. Roll Tide!


Alabama  34         Mississippi  14         5 - 0         2 - 0         Rank 1

The Rebels are a good team. They were fast and aggressive, but they were no match for the Tide. 'Bama's offense didn't do very well in the 2nd half, but it didn't matter. The defense really taught the Rebs to stop throwing deep. A good solid win against an SEC opponent. Next week is a bye, then it's off to Mizzou. Roll Tide!


Alabama  42       Missouri  10        6 - 0       3 - 0        Rank 1

That was a strange game. A thunderstorm, a lightning delay, and too many Alabama mistakes. But, poor Mizzou didn't have a chance. Another dismal 3rd quarter by the Tide, but it didn't really matter. The game was over by half-time. I don't think the boys have played a really good team yet. It will be interesting to see if they can play a better second half against a top team. The schedule looked strong before the season began, but now it doesn't look so tough.  Michigan and Arkansas appear to be mediocre, and Auburn is horrible. Still, Mississippi State is playing well and LSU is a road game. I guess I am wondering if the BCS computers may possibly drop the Tide in the rankings due to the schedule. Oh well, like the Bear said, just keep winning and the polls will take care of themselves. The defense played well as usual. They allowed only 3 yards rushing and didn't give up a TD. How good is this team? They haven't been threatened in any game so far. I suppose only time will tell. Next week is the third Saturday in October game, so it's off to Knoxville. Roll Tide!


Mid-Season Review
The first BCS poll is now out, and the Crimson Tide is ranked # 1. The two games after Tennessee will probably decide if 'Bama plays in the SEC Championship Game or not. The Mississippi State game has the smell of upset about it, and LSU is just a darn good team. I still think the Tide has not played up to their full potential. Of course, last year they saved their best game for last. I am not even thinking about them possibly winning another National Championship. They do have as good a chance as any team, and better than most. But, it is way too early to dwell on that. Tennessee is the priority right now. Strange things have happened when playing them in the past. My absolute worst fear is a repeat of the "Punt 'Bama Punt" game when the Iron Bowl comes. 
It has already been a great season, and there is much more to come. ROLL TIDE!

Alabama  44         Tennessee 13      7 - 0       4 - 0       Rank # 1

A very good effort by the Tide. The Vols payed hard early, but by the 4th quarter, they were done. The "Bama defense was stingy as usual. The offense managed to shake off the 3rd quarter blues and played well all game. The next two weeks will determine a lot about where Alabama plays their bowl game. Mississippi State is unbeaten and comes to visit next. Then it will be on the road to LSU. We will soon find out just how good this Tide team is. Win or lose, as always, it's ROLL TIDE!


Alabama  38           Mississippi State 7      8 - 0    5 - 0     Rank  # 1

They didn't play exceptionally well, but it didn't matter. State just doesn't have the horses. Next week is the rematch and the Tide is on the road.


Alabama 21          LSU 17          9 - 0        6 - 0       Rank # 1

Wow! What a game! What a last minute drive! I thought it was a done deal at the half, but LSU doesn't go down easily. I am now concerned that next week may catch the Tide in an ambush. A&M is a good team and after this win, the boys may have a let down. They are at home so that should help.


Alabama  24         Texas A & M  29        9 - 1        6 - 1         Rank # 1

I was afraid of this. The defense was really off kilter in the 1st quarter. After that, the old Tide returned and dang near overcame the 20 point deficit. They had the chance to win it at the end, but could not get 6 lousy yards. Oh well., they did not play well enough to win, and hats off to A & M for the upset. I wonder how far they will drop in the BCS? Next weeks opponent will not challenge the Tide at all.


Alabama  49       W. Carolina  0        10 - 1        6 - 1      Rank # 4

Surprise! The Tide only fell to # 4. Next week is THE GAME, The Iron Bowl. I think Alabama will win as Auburn is a bad team this year. What happend in two short years?


Alabama  49            Auburn  0             11 - 1          7 - 1         Rank # 2

Oh my goodness! It could have been 80 to 0 had Nick not called off the dogs. Auburn was as bad as expected. Thanks to some help by Baylor and Stanford, the Tide is now at # 2, and will play the Dawgs in the SEC Championship Game next Saturday. The winner will play in the BCS Championship Game against Notre Dame. Georgia is a good team and the Tide lost a good receiver last Saturday. It should be a good game. ROLL TIDE! 


Alabama  32             Georgia 28        12 - 1       8 - 1       Rank # 2

A very tough football game against a very good Georgia team. The Tide hurt themselves with some costly mistakes, but in the end they held on to win. SEC fans can be proud of both teams. Now begins the wait for January 7th. The Crimson Tide of Alabama, 2012 Southeastern Conference Champions. Roll Tide!


In just over a week, the Crimson Tide will play for the National Championship. I believe they will win, but anything could happen. If they do win, it will be delayed justice for what happened in 1966. I know, nobody today had anything to do with that. Still, it would be fitting to beat the Irish and do something Alabama has never done before, beat Notre Dame in a Championship Game. I also remember watching the 24-23 loss to N.D. back in the early seventies. A win now would put to bed all those old ghosts. So, bring on the Irish. Win or lose, it's ROLL TIDE!


Alabama  42        Notre Dame  14    Rank 1

WOW! A very convincing win by the Tide. The game was over by half-time. The offense pretty much did what it wanted, and the defense took control when they needed to. This game has finally put to rest some ghosts of the past. This has been an unforgettable season. Three championships in four years. Little did I know when I started this blog in 2009, that the Tide would have so much success.



Tide side.
The other side.
This says it all.

Another great chapter has been written in the history of Alabama football.


I expect no less.