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01/20/11--The 2011 season starts now. We will have to wait a while to see actual play , but what happens now will have a direct bearing on the team. The Tide has lost three excellent players early to the NFL draft. They were great players and helped give Alabama another NC. I wish them every success at the next level. I expect there may be one or two others that may make the early jump. Well, that's college football. I see that there is a game against Kent State next season. Whatever, I just hope they don't lose it. That would be really bad.  Here is the 2011 schedule. They have to travel to Auburn, Florida and Penn State, but get LSU, Arkansas, and Tennessee at home. The trips to Starkville and Oxford  are never easy either. Roll Tide!
Sept. 3Kent StateBryant-Denny Stadium
Sept. 10at Penn StateState College, Pa.
Sept. 17North TexasBryant-Denny Stadium
Sept. 24*ArkansasBryant-Denny Stadium
Oct. 1*at FloridaGainesville, Fla.
Oct. 8*VanderbiltBryant-Denny Stadium
Oct. 15*at MississippiOxford, Miss.
Oct. 22*TennesseeBryant-Denny Stadium
Oct. 29Open Date 
Nov. 5*LSUBryant-Denny Stadium
Nov. 12*at Mississippi StateStarkville, Miss.
Nov. 19Georgia SouthernBryant-Denny Stadium
Nov. 26*at AuburnAuburn, Ala.

The Avalanche is Coming

I would like to take a moment to say a prayer for all those that suffered on that terrible day when tornado's ravaged the state of Alabama. Although property can be replaced, loved ones never can. I want to thank all those that helped in the aftermath of such devastation. Athletes from Auburn and Alabama set aside their sports rivalry and worked together as one team to help those in need. We can truly be proud of our Elephants and Tigers.

One State under God

Aug. 6 The Coaches Poll came out the other day, The Tide is ranked #2.

Aug. 20-- The Tide is #2 in the AP Poll. All this preseason ranking is just a starting point. It only matters to a team if they win their games. Just two weeks to go and then the fun starts.

The Season Starts

Alabama 48       Kent St. 7       Record :  1 - 0     0 - 0     Rank: 2

I could not see the game. The score was expected. The four interceptions were not good. Next week the Tide  travels to Happy Valley. I do want to say a warm thank you to the Kent State coaches and players for their assistance in the aftermath of the tornado's. Their team received a standing ovation when they ran onto the field. Regardless of the score of a football game, they are the real winners in my book.

Alabama  27      Penn State  11      Record:  2 - 0     0 - 0    Rank: 3
     They played well overall. The 4th quarter drive on the ground was impressive and sealed the victory. The secondary made it a rough afternoon for the young PS quarterbacks. PS is a well coached team that made no major mistakes except for the forced turnovers. Our young QB needs to get better too, especially at anticipating defensive linemen trying to bat down passes. The Tide has a fine looking team and should win most of their games. There is always room for improvement however, and they will need to work out the kinks before their powerhouse SEC schedule begins.

Alabama  41       N. Texas  0      Record: 3 - 0     0 - 0     Rank: 2

To be expected. But, two missed FG's and three turnovers are not good enough for the SEC schedule. Too many sacks on the QB too. The 4th quarter goal line stand was good though. (Our cousins lost, heh-heh) Next week the SEC schedule starts and the Razorbacks come callng. Now we will see just how good this version of the Tide is.

These are my observations:

1. LSU is the best playing SEC team I've seen this year.

2. Alabama is good, but how good? I'm suspect of their passing game.

3. Arkansas is a mystery to me. I have no clue as to how good they are.

4. The SEC East is as weak as the SEC West is strong.

5.Vandy is 3-0!! Georgia plays poorly?? Tennessee is trying to rebuild. Florida is solid but not dominant. Auburn's defense is their main problem.

6. 'Ole Miss is in serious trouble. They got rolled by Vandy??!!!??!!

7. It's going to be a fun year. If the Tide can make it to the SEC title game, I'll be very happy. I don't think they will unless they can get that passing game going. The showdown with LSU will decide a lot. But, first things first. Arkansas is ranked 12/14 and is next. I am not confident the Tide will win. I don't think this team has been tested yet, as Penn State struggled with Temple. This coming Saturday will answer a lot of questions. My initial impression is that this team is not as good as the 2010 team. I just don't know yet. Even so, win or lose, ROLL TIDE!!

Alabama  38       Arkansas 14     Record: 4 - 0     1 - 0     Rank: 3

The Tide played very well and dominated the game. The pass defense did better when they played more coverage than blitz. The run defense was as good as it gets. Trent R. had an outstanding day. Some small negatives, however. They are: The QB doesn't release the ball quick enough, and the kick offs are too short, most fall at the 10. But, there is no doubt that this team is very good. Next week they play in The Swamp. The Gators are good and the environment is hostile. It should be interesting. Roll Tide!

Alabama  38        Florida 10       Record:  5 - 0      2 - 0      Rank: 3

I was a little concerned after the Gators hit with a quick strike early, but the Tide's drive for a field goal showed that Florida would have trouble with the run. The Gators could not run at all and the quickly became one dimensional. Alabama's long pass attempts seemed to only create a 2nd and long. But, they kept trying. The pick 6 was the moment when the Tide took firm control, and the beginning of the Gator demise. After the defense turned a Gator 1st and 10 at the Tide 15 into a 4th and 36, there was no doubt Florida was in trouble. The loss of their best QB compounded their woes. I hope the QB isn't hurt too badly, and quickly recovers. Once again the Tide went into a 3rd quarter funk, but since Florida was also in a funk, it only served to run off time. The power running game exploded in the 4th and the avalanche was on. A good win over a ranked team. The schedule is a little better for the new few weeks, but they must not get complacent. All teams are dangerous in the SEC. A good win in "The Swamp". ROLL TIDE!

Alabama  34       Vanderbilt  0    Record: 6 - 0    3 - 0     Rank: 2

Not much to say as defeating Vandy isn't a big feather in the cap. The defense got another shut out. The offense seemed to want to work on the passing game. Hey, a win is a win.  Our cousins lost again. 'Ole Miss at Oxford is next. Roll Tide!

Alabama  52        Mississippi  7      Record: 7 -0     4 - 0     Rank: 2

The Tide was clearly the better team. 'Ole Miss never had a chance, even when playing against the subs, One highlight was the late goal line stand by Alabama's defense. The offense has progressed to making more use of the passing game. I'm glad to see that development. The entire team has improved since the start of the season. The kicking game (short kickoffs) is the only area that is sub par. Also, their excellent defense has let them overcome bad field position after kickoffs. This may not be the case against better teams, where every yard counts. The wacky, crazy, third week in October is next, at home against the Vols. Tennessee has a stout defense against runs up the middle. That should make for an interesting battle. Roll Tide!

Alabama  37     Tennessee  6     Record: 8 -0   5 - 0     Rank: 2

They have been working on their passing game, and it showed. The first half was somewhat tit for tat, but the Tide exploded in the 3rd quarter. The Vols decision to go on 4th down at their 40 cost them dearly. Tennessee has no offense to speak of, and that puts their fairly good defense on the field too much. Alabama just played their normal crushing defense and the offense cranked up the passing attack. The score could have been worse, but there was no reason to do so. Now we have two weeks until this year's version of the "Game of the Century". Of course, it is a big game and two really fine teams will square off in it. I believe that turn-overs will be the deciding factor. It usually is when two excellent teams play each other. So,the next time I write here, Alabama or LSU will be considered the current top dog of college football.  (P.S. our cousins got embarrassed) ROLL TIDE!

New Tide gear.
#1 vs # 2
Get Ready to Rumble

Alabama 6      LSU 9  OT     Record: 8 - 1     5 - 1      Rank: 2

Well, that was disappointing. It was a hard fought game between two very good teams. Both sides made mistakes, but LSU managed to play better at the end. I don't quite understand the decision to go into overtime without attempting to score. Perhaps it was because the kicking game had not gone well (big understatement). The QB taking a sack in OT just shows his inexperience. I also didn't like the trick play when they had been moving the ball so well. Before that play I was almost positive they would drive down and score. Putting in an injured player to receive a punt cost them field position at a critical point. Oh well, the team that played the best won. It's on to Starkville next week. Roll Tide!

Alabama 24  Miss State 7  Record: 9 - 1  6 - 1 Rank: 3

They started slow, but the Bulldogs have a very tough defense. The Tide's defense played outstanding all game. The kicking game (kicks and coverage)wasn't quite up to the standard they have set for themselves. They must improve, if possible, as they will need it in a close game (like last week). For three straight games they have been intercepted throwing to the right sideline. Only a TD saving tackle by the QB saved them from a pick 6 this time. If they can't make this throw, why flirt with disaster when trying to attempt it? Stubbornness I suppose. They responded well after their loss, and that's what I was watching for. Next week's game should be a blow-out as they get ready for the Iron Bowl. I was surprised that the Crimson Tide was ranked as high as 3 in the BCS last week. I thought they would fall to 5 or 6. I do expect they will drop to 4 this week, but I've given up trying to outguess those wacky computers. All in all, a solid win for Alabama. Roll Tide!

Alabama  45     Ga. So.  21   Record: 10 - 1     6 - 1     Rank: 3

As expected. The two TD's they gave up on the 82 yard run and the kick-off return caused the largest point total they have had scored against them all season. The final Bama TD was a result of our wonderful BCS ranking system. There was no need to score except to please the voters and computers. I do not blame the Tide for doing so, it was forced upon them. It will be interesting to see what rank they get tomorrow. But, what really matters right now is next week and the Iron Bowl. It's time to erase last year's bad memory. No mercy on the War Eagle! ROLL TIDE!


Alabama  42      Auburn  14     Record: 11 - 1     7 - 1     Rank: 2

The Tide was rolling today. Poor Auburn didn't have a chance. The defense was absolutely perfect. They did not give up a point and scored a TD themselves. The fumble by A.J. (he still had a great game), and poor kickoff coverage, gave Auburn their only highlights. The offense came out swinging with the pass and then switched to the run. Trent R. had an outstanding game and may possibly win the Heisman. A great win by a really good football team. The pain of last year has been erased. It is now up to the voters and computers to determine if Bama will play for the National Championship. I know many don't want to see a rematch, but the object of the BCS is to match the two best teams. Based on what I've seen this season so far, LSU and Alabama are the two best college football teams. However this works out, the Tide is 11 - 1, and it has been a great year. ROLL TIDE!

The BCS rankings came out a few hours ago. It's official now, Alabama will play in the BCS National Championship Game against LSU on January 9th. ROLL TIDE!


Alabama  21        LSU  0        Record: 12 - 1        7 - 1         Rank: 1

Can we say DEFENSE!? This may be the finest performance ever by a defense in a championship game. The poor Tigers didn't cross mid-field till the middle of the 4th. I thought the game plan by the Tide was excellent. The first down passes caught LSU sleeping. The fact that Alabama kept passing until the last possessions indicated that they weren't going to let up and go conservative. The Crimson tide defeated a very good LSU team, and are now the 2011 National Champions. Two trophys in three years. Not too bad. ROLL TIDE!

The punt return
Defense! All game long.
The Passing Attack.
Five Field Goals.
Trent's TD run. Game Over!
The Fans
The trophy.


College Football 2011


The Avalanche Came!

A Great Year!


Still at every home game.