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Time to Roll!! Coach Saban and the Tide.

Thoughts and observations on the Alabama Crimson Tide and their 2009 season.

Alabama 34 Virginia Tech 24         Record:   1-0     Rank: 5

They look like a team with the potential to win a lot of games. QB play was a little weak at first, but much better later on. A strong, fast defense played an excellent game overall. The running attack really got rolling in the 2nd half. But, there were too many turn-overs and penalties, especially the dumb penalties. The kick-off coverage could use improvement also. The kicking game and return game were very good. They beat a fairly good team, but the game may have turned out differently if not for a holding call against Tech that ended a developing drive in the 4th. The Tide will need to get much better before the SEC part of the schedule begins. Still, not too bad for the first game, and it was Va. Tech.

Alabama 40    Fla. Intl. 14        Record: 2-0     Rank:  4

I did not see the game, but according to the press reports the Tide was rather sluggish until the 4th quarter. Still, I expected them to win by a wide margin and they did. The QB did set a Alabama record so that is encouraging. Other than that, this is nothing to get excited about. They did give up another  K. O. return for a TD and that makes it one in every game so far. Not a good omen for later, tougher games. However, not counting QB runs/sacks, the defense gave up only 30 yards rushing in fifteen attempts.  Even against a team that was not expected to compete with the Tide, that's pretty darn good. The Bama yardage totals indicate a balanced offense. Once again, there were too many penalties. Roll Tide!

Alabama 53   North Texas 7   Record: 3-0    Rank: 4

Did not see the game, have only read the press. The Tide did what they should have done against a team of a lesser caliber.

No major mistakes, just good solid play. The SEC schedule now begins. The pass happy Razorbacks are next. 

Alabama 35         Arkansas 7            Record:  4 - 0     1 - 0     Rank: 3

A good win. The Tide did not play especially well, but Arkansas play horribly.  We again had far too many penalties, especially on punt returns. Our pass coverage was not the best, but the Razorbacks couldn't take advantage of it. It does concern me for the future when we play better passing teams. Our 99 yard drive was impressive.  They really had a mismatch on the Arkansas CB's. So, things are looking pretty good overall. Next week at Kentucky and the start of a two game road trip.

Alabama  38       Kentucky  20        Record: 5-0    2 - 0        Rank:  3
I did not see the game, just press reports and highlights on TV. It seems they were a little slow  offensively until the 98 yard drive and Kentucky's meltdown right before the half. They did give up too many yards on punt returns. The secondary again seems a little weak against the pass. But, a win is a win, and they were not in serious jeopardy of losing at any time. Next week they get their second real test, on the road at Mississippi. I am not 100% confident that they will win that one. They will need to play error free football . I expect the score to be close at the end.

Alabama  22           Mississippi  3         Record:  6 - 0       3 - 0     Rank: 3

   Strange game. They won, but was it because Mississippi played so poorly? The passing game was almost nonexistent. Several times the play calling went with the pass when it appeared the run was needed. The inside running game was very effective but ignored often, especially in the two 1st and goal situations. Without the gift turnovers, and Mississippi's poor execution, they may not have won. Kick-off coverage still needs improvement. Still, it's good to win and the opponent was ranked (#16). The Gamecocks are next at home. The Tide will need to play better as S.C. is a good team (#25) with an excellent coach.

Alabama  20           South Carolina 6       Record:  7 - 0      4 - 0     Rank: 2
  Another win over a ranked team (#22). But, the offense did not play well. There were too many turnovers and way too many penalties, especially on kick returns. The defense as usual turned in a stellar performance. They had to bail the offense out time after time. One interesting item was the wildcat formation they used late in the 4th to score a TD and ice the game. Ingram was phenomenal carrying the ball on all six plays. Next week is the 3rd weekend of October and Tennessee is coming. Another tough SEC foe. I pray that the S.C. player that was taken to the hospital will recover quickly and be able to rejoin his team on the field.

Alabama  12          Tennessee  10          Record: 8 -0     5 - 0     Rank: 2
WHEW!!  They barely survived. Two blocked field goals, including one on the last play to preserve the win. The offense was dismal. The passing game was ineffective, especially in the red zone. The defense was absolutely magnificent and only one penalty too.  They still have got to decide what offense they are good at and stay with it. Maybe they aren't good at any offensive scheme. I just don't know if defense only will win the SEC. But, undefeated means somethings are working well. They are a good team and I suppose I should be happy with that. A bye week then LSU is next.

Alabama  24             LSU  15           Record: 9 - 0        6 - 0          Rank: 3
A good game. LSU (#9) is a tough team. It was good to see better kick-off coverage. It was also nice to get a couple of TD's instead of field goals. The team played an excellent game overall. The running game in the second half was the key in my opinion. 14 points in the 4th was indicative of the stronger team late in the game. The bad throws by the QB may have kept the Tide from scoring more, but the throw to Jones made up for it. Now it's on the road to Starkville and Mississippi State.

Alabama  31            Mississippi State  3          Record:  10 - 0       7 - 0       Rank: 2
     Wow! Their best game yet. The QB played really good and Ingram was super as usual. The defense dominated State all night. They are a phenomenal 4th quarter team.  Two plays, two TD's and the game was over. However, the old weakness of poor kick coverage showed up again. That is their Achilles heel.  I am starting to believe that they may be the best team in the SEC. But, there are still a few games to go. Chattanooga comes to Tuscaloosa next week.

Alabama  45       Chattanooga  0        Record: 11 - 0         7 - 0         Rank: 2
Well, not too much to say about this one. The kick coverage gave up almost 25 yards per kick, so that old demon is still there. But, they won convincingly as they should have. Next Friday it's Auburn and the Iron Bowl. Things are getting serious now.

Alabama  26           Auburn  21            Record: 12 - 0       8 - 0          Rank: 2
Yes, Yes, Yes!  What a game and what a comeback! They got the turnovers, they got the punt returns, they made the plays when it mattered, and they won the Iron Bowl! It has been an incredible season. This is the second undefeated regular season in a row. Next stop: The SEC Championship Game. Roll Tide!

SEC Championship Game

Alabama  32            Florida  13            Record: 13 - 0       9 - 0       Rank 2
What a performance! Almost 500 yards on offense. The defense came up big in the second half. This is a very good football team. The memory of last year has now been erased. I thought they would win but I didn't know they would dominate like they did. This has been a great year for the Crimson Tide. They are the SEC Champions.

Heisman Trophy:  Running back Mark Ingram has been awarded the Heisman Trophy. The first player in Alabama football history to receive the trophy. He certainly earned it. This is a special season for the Crimson Tide. There is one game left,  against the Texas Longhorns, for the National Championship.  ROLL TIDE!

BCS National Championship Game


Alabama  37        Texas  21

It was a great win. Texas is a very good team and they had to play without their star QB. The defense was the mainstay of the team as has been the norm all season. However, the running game did deliver when needed. It's been 17 years since the last championship, so I will celebrate a little. It's been a magical season. ROLL TIDE!

The Alabama Crimson Tide

2009 College Football National Champions


Always keeping watch.