Here is a picture of the rest of my ham station.


The Yaesu 7800R sits on top of a Drake MS8 speaker. I use a Turner SSK with the radio. The Behringer stuff is the 1100p,mdx2200,2024p, and an ART Tube MP Studio. A Jensen transformer matches the level to the radio. Power is provided by an Astron VS-35M. I use the Rigblaster Plus for the digital modes. I really like doing RTTY running 3-4 hundred watts provided by the 221 or 811.

Excellent for monitoring RF signal. From Clean RF.

Audio system and HT system, separate of course.

  The better a Hi-Fi system gets, the better the best sound. I enjoy a wide range of musical styles, as is evident from the great difference between the types of music produced by these two originals. However, "real" Country Music is my favorite.

I have the modern version of his microphone. The Shure 55SH.

  In my opinion Hank is the greatest Country Music Artist that ever lived. How could one man write all those songs? When my son (he grew up listening to Rap) returned from Iraq he told me, " you'll never guess who I have been listening to." He also said, "there's nothing phony about him, it's like he really means what he sings." When I told him that Hank wrote most of those songs, he was really surprised. I spent the first six years of my life in Montgomery, and even though Hank died 10 months before I was born, his records were always being played.

Pic from AA6SC
I wish I owned his microphone, the Neumann U-47!

RCA ribbon microphone

This thing called love:

  I think Frank is THE greatest pop singer that ever lived. Listening to him on a good system is almost magical. After the new Mundorf caps were broken in, I listened to the "In the Wee Small Hours" CD and felt almost as if I were in a bar listening to the legend live. If you've never really heard him, listen to "Whats This Thing Called Love", and experience the magic for yourself.

One of my favorites for 35 years.

Let's Dance?

Two too many cats
Sadly, I had to get rid of them in Dec. 2012.


Merry Christmas, 2009

Christmas blizzard 2009

Christmas 2011
A smaller tree this year.

A small tree again for 2012. Ava can't reach it.
At the new house, over the gas fireplace.