Greg Smith, KX0S, Amateur Radio Operator, Audiophile, Soldier, and Teacher
Audiophile/Music lover Time

   I am an audioplile. I love to listen to music. But, It must sound good. Talent must be evident.
  Here is some stuff I really enjoy. I hope you will enjoy it too.
  There's is good music here. In the future, I will try to put some things here that have a tube sound, if that's possible with digital, downloaded, MP3 compression, and funky little speakers. We'll see.
By the way, if you really want toenjoy the music on this site, it's best to use good ($$) headphones, and maybe a headphone amp. Of course, having a high end sound card goes without saying. I've tried to record the songs as carefully as possible, using a good quality Sony CD player and converting the Wav's using the highest bit rates consistent with practical download times. As I wrote above, my next project will be to record SACD from the Marantz and input the signal from the Dynaco preamp. I won't worry about time and will use the highest bit rate I can. When I do this I'll place somewhere on this page. Update: It's now on the page.


Nov. 2010
Playing with the toys again.

The king is gone:

Cheatin' song:

Some Nashville sound .

This is good:

It's not all Country:

A Country standard:

This, old pictures, & beer:

Texas Swing:

    Why is it that a woman will dump you,
apparently not caring in the least about
your feelings, but then can't bear the thought
of you starting to care for another? One of the
odd mysteries of life and love. Ole' Hank wrote
this for them.


From a great Album/CD:

   It's obvious by now that I'm partial to sad country music.
I suppose that the two early scars across my heart have a lot
to do with my preference. Of course, maybe it's
 just great music, or maybe it's because I'm one of
those that wears my heart on my sleeve. It doesn't really
matter. It's what I like.                                           

Sums it all up:

    OK. Enough is enough. It's Gospel time.
Here's one that is special. If you've walked down the church
aisle, you know what I mean. I took that walk when
I was 12, at Calvary Baptist Church in Columbus, Georgia. Since
then I haven't always lived it, but it has never failed me.

Best of all, it was free:


This is a large file (VBS). It is best to use decent headphones (not those 2 dollar toys). Recorded from the Marantz SA-8100 CD player, through the Behringer tube EQ (set flat), to the Dynaco preamp, and into the Behringer mixer.

Our local net here is 28.305. When the skip starts rolling, maybe you'll hear us.

Astatic 10DA
Got this on EBAY from ARRL HQ.

Yaesu FT-920. Primary radio.

Nady PCM-100

Kenwood TS-520.
1979 model, in almost perfect condition.

Heil PR-40.

AKG Perception 100

Electro Voice US622L

Turner 22X

Yaesu MD100

Shure 526T, Old & new versions

Marshall MXL-990. I use this the most often.

It all started back in 73' with these components.

Kenwood receiver
Akai tape deck
AR speakers

JVC Turntable

Shure M95

  For a few years during the 70's, I stopped listening to country
music. These were some of the songs I played to death:

Them days:

Them days again:

And again:

    But I returned to my roots. Songs like these brought me back:

Sad Country song:

1980 & German wine:

And especially this guy:

     All of the music files on this site have been compressed using MP3. Some have a higher bit rate than others, but all have lost some of the resolution of the original WAV file.  I have tried to put songs on here that use a lossless compression program. This means the file is smaller than the original but no resolution was lost. It is however, significantly larger than an MP3 file. It also requires different software to play it. I use FLAC with the VLC media player. However, this site won't accept FLAC files, nor Ogg Vorbis, so I'm stuck with MP3. If you have ever listened to an MP3 on a quality system, you know how dreadful they can be. Some of the songs on this site exhibit a 'breathing effect" due to the compression. Still, I believe the fidelity of the music on this site is far better than what is normally found on the Internet.

                  The musical chain.                    

Marantz SA-8001

Behringer T1951

Dynaco Pas-3


NHT Classic 3

Home Theater Pioneer 7.1 receiver

Home Theater main speakers, PSB 25's.

Astatic Golden Eagle.
Occupies the best spot in my display.

Astatic A-77
From the early 1960's. In perfect condition.

Electro Voice EV-619

Shure 522

Nady TCM-1100 Vacuum Tube Mic.

Electro Voice Raven