Greg Smith, KX0S, Amateur Radio Operator, Audiophile, Soldier, and Teacher
Past Hi-Fi equipment

Just some of the previous equipment I've owned over the years. None are part of the current system. I can't remember some model numbers. From 1995 till 2001, I lost interest in my hobby. It was vacuum tube sound that brought my interest back. Now it's on fire. The best equipment is yet to come.

Switching to Tubes.

  The other day my Marantz SA 8260 CD player started giving me the dreaded TOC Error when I tried to play a CD. I researched the web but could find no advice other than send it in for repair. I tried everything to try and reset the player, but nothing worked. Then I had the idea to see if it would read an SACD. It did. I reloaded the SACD several times and toggled the mode between Multi and Stereo. When I put in a Redbook (standard) CD, it began working again. Then it crapped out again. So, I could have it repaired (supposed to be a firmware upgrade), or buy a new one. The Boss gave her OK. A Marantz SA8001 is on the way. I found it for $720 on the web. WHOO HOO! I get paid extra for working the summer, so now the Cayin A-50T is in my sights for July. I expect I'll sell the ASL and PAS 3 on EBAY. Just keeps gitting better, like tubes when they break-in.
   Update: The SA8001 arrived. It sounds better with Redbook than the other one. YeeeHaaa!!!
However, I just noticed a low level buzz in my speakers. I checked the bias on the amp and it was way too high.????- How????. I set it correctly. Maybe it was tube break-in. So, my speakers are on the "C" list, the CD player is "A" list, and the Cayin integrated amp is on the "B". After July I should be set for a while. Right, I've said that before.
    Also, I just replaced (04/17/08) the Monster 850i interconnects with Audioquest Diamondbacks. Result? Better impact, bottom end tighter, mids more pronounced and sweeter, highs have better definition and extension. On 04/29/09 I changed from Monster cable HP-XP to Audioquest X-2 speakers cables. Much more musical and better definition, a smooth flow to the music.

System in 1986.

Spectrum analyzer & pink noise generator. Still have it,but haven't used it in years.
Acoustic Research:
AR-6 (My first, 1973), AR-2a, AR-93, AR-58
3-head cassette deck, AD-6800U??
Reel to reel deck.
GX-M50 3-head cassette deck.
Audio Analyst:
Acustimass 3
Sonic Hologram Generator. Still have it, but don't use it.
1bx, two 3bx (one w/impact restore),4bx,222,224.
Record and stylus cleaner.
CS-604 turntable
Phono stylus
Turntable (my first, 1973)
DVD player
KR-6160 receiver (55wpc) (My first, 1973)
Two integrated amplifiers (60wpc ea).
Pro-Logic receiver (70wpcx3) (20wpcx2).
7-band graphic EQ
Center and surround speakers.
Some giant, muddy sounding speakers back in 1977.
Tape noise reduction unit.
GEQ-215 Dual 15 band graphic EQ. I Will give this to one of the kids.
Phono stylus.
5-band graphic EQ.
PL-55D turntable.
2-head cassette deck.
Compact Disc player (my first one ,1984)
DVD player
Small sub-woofer. Used to use for 7.2 effect.  6 meter FM bleeds all over it.
5000 Impulse noise reduction. I kept this, but I don't know why.
M95 phono stylus
M97HE phono stylus.
Stylus pressure gauge.
5-Disc CD player.
Surround speakers.
Sound Guard:
Record protection system.
Reel to reel deck. Still have, don't use.
12-band Dual channel graphic EQ.
Integrated Amplifier (140wpc). Still have it, last used in 1994.
2-head cassette deck.
SH-9020 peak/average meter unit. Don't use it but will never get rid of it.
Zero Stat:
Yes, I had one of those stupid guns.
And headphones from AKG, Audio Technica, Koss, Sennheiser, and many others.

The oldest piece of equipment I'm still using is the Harmon Kardon HK-500 tuner. I bought this new in 1980 for 58 dollars. The SH-9020 mentioned above was purchased new in 1981 for 90 dollars. Being overseas had some advantages.

Cute Song:

The time is coming.